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  • The average visit time on is 20 minutes – this gives businesses a large window of opportunity to get on the radar of fans and engage with them. (Source: Experian-Hitwise.May 2012)
  • People who access Facebook via mobile devices and their computers spend on avg. 832 minutes per month on Facebook (441 minutes on FB mobile + 391 minutes on FB classic website.) Businesses who do not position themselves well on Facebook are losing the opportunity to be found and interact with people during this time. (Source: comScore May 2012)
  • Facebook ads are powerful because of the targeting options it gives to marketers. Where else on the web, or anywhere for that matter, do we freely volunteer so much data about ourselves? On Facebook we have the opportunity to reach exactly who we want.
  • Facebook ads can be especially useful for B-to-B marketers and salespeople. Using Facebook’s ad targeting platform, you can target people by job title and/or company. So if you’re looking to just reach architects, or dentists, or CEO’s, or Office Managers, you can.
  • The expectation now is that your business have a Facebook presence, if you aren’t there (or if you aren’t active there), it raises suspicion in the eyes of those looking for you.

SEO Impact: Facebook Shares and the Sum of all Facebook Activities (Shares, Likes and Comments) are the most significant social media-based SEO factors.


  • Twitter is beneficial in that it is the only platform that gives a business four unique opportunities to get into the email inboxes of targeted users.
  • Twitter affords businesses the opportunity to monitor real time conversations and participate when necessary to learn about their target audience and help them solve problems.
  • With Twitter you can see who is following your competition and work to make sure they know about you as well.
  • Twitter users are twice as likely to share a story they see on Twitter versus Facebook. (Source: Umpf August 2012)

SEO Impact: Adirect correlation exists between URLs/sites that are heavily mentioned on Twitter and enhanced performance in the search results.


  • Positioning your business on YouTube gives you the opportunity to come up in results on the web’s second largest search engine.
  • In the B2B market, Executives with no time for fun and games do have time for the sound and motion of video. In some cases, they actually prefer it to text for learning about products and services. (Source: Forbes Insights)

SEO Impact: Google owns YouTube, so if you optimize your Channel and video properly, you’ll be properly rewarded by getting found through the search engine giant.


  • Pinterest users have above average incomes. (Source: Google Analytics April 2012)
  • Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites (Source: ComScore June 2012)
  • 15% of Pinterest users do not use other social media sites – so if you aren’t using it, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach these people. (Source: Social Lens Research July 2012)
  • If women ages 18-54 are among your target audience –Pinterest is where to find them.
  • 80% of content on Pinterest is re-shared (re-pinned)… that’s not only great for exposure but also for SEO as shares include links back to your website. (Source: RJMetrics February 2012)

SEO Impact: By using Pinterest for SEO you can gain engaged visitors, links and traffic. Pinterest creates new ways of having your content found and shared, which can in turn improve your rankings in the search engines.


  • Instagram gives people a break from the text heavy world. Using imagery versus text allows people to form quick, emotional connections with your business.
  • Instagram caters to the masses who are now spending more time on their mobile devices than on their computers. Images on Instagram are easier to view than on any of the other channels [on mobile devices] – making it a pleasing and favorable experience for users to interact with your business.
  • Because Instagram is still relatively new as a business marketing tool, getting in now gives your business the opportunity to capitalize on higher engagement rates and followers before your competitors jump on.

SEO Impact: As reported on 11/5/12, Instagram profiles are going live on the web. Public Instagram profiles will be very “Googleable” and visible in a way that third-party Instagram services are not – much more like your Twitter and Facebook accounts.


  • LinkedIn is by far most the important social network to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in general. The network allows you to build relationships, establish thought leadership, generate leads, gain insights, conduct market research, improve reputation and build online communities.